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The Program at Jazz Up

Endless Activities 

Rehearsals and Classes

Combo rehearsals at Jazz Up encourage campers to get out of their comfort zones, and in courses like jazz theory, ear training, and rhythm, they learn to embrace new challenges.  Our staff ensures campers enjoy every moment and keeps them engaged at our friendly Jazz Summer Camp. For more information about what we offer, please get in touch.

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Each week will contain multiple masterclasses by various nationally-renowned artists. Whether a visit from a top call artist from Chicago, New York, or a Facetime call to nearly any known musician in jazz, students will come home with new knowledge and skills. 

Recordings and Performances

Our amazing space is an integral part of life at Jazz Up. The Jazz Place can transform into a full recording studio, where students have the opportunity to record, often for the first time.  In addition, campers learn about mics, mic placement, acoustics, recording techniques, DAW systems, and recording interfaces. 

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